Your Legislator

Bozho (hello), It is an honor to represent fellow Citizen Potawatomis in the CPN Legislature. Thank you for returning me to office for a third term. I will work for your benefit, uphold our Constitution, and look for opportunities to assist Potawatomis who can use help, through June 2021. I will take the oath of office in June 2017 for another four-year term.

I am a descendant of Josette Vieux Juneau. For more thoughts about our Native American roots please click here. For more about my Potawatomi (Juneau) roots, please see the HowNiKan column written by Legislator Dave Carney: found here. (His column is on page 12 of the paper.) I am a second born -- one of four children. I grew up on the East Coast -- in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and during one short period, in Alabama, and was educated in California. I have worked as a lawyer in Washington, D.C. and, more recently, in Virginia, since 1985. I met my husband while we both worked for a federal psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C. Our daughter graduated from college in 2011 and is now in graduate school in New York studying clinical psychology and our son graduated from college in 2015 and is working in sports management, his area of interest. Both have received our CPN scholarship and housing grants.

For more background detail, click here.

In 2008 I received by Potawatomi name, Ojindiskwe, from Chairman Rocky Barrett. It means "Bluebirdwoman." This blue and red bird symbolizes the optimism and lively nature of the Citizen Potawatomis -- as Potawatomis we often designate our first borns as "blues," second borns as "reds", etc. and for games and contests divide into blue and red teams. Drawing on that theme my goal is to work together with all of you to build our community of reds and blues in District #2. Please let me know how you might be able to help!

Jagenogenon (for all my relations),

Eva Marie Carney