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Family Festival 2015

Here are photos from the best-yet CPN Family Festival weekend. I hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions about the Festival and the activities depicted, please get in touch so that I can answer them. I hope to see many District #2 members at next year's Festival. Please note that next year's Honored Families are Clardy, Frapp, Kahdot, Juneau, Pappan, Crumbo, and Muller, and, for 2017, Bourassa, Burnett, Melot, Navarre, Peltier, Wamego, Willmet, and Vieux. Please note that all Potawatomis and their families are welcome at the Festival -- Honored Families are treated to group photos and video shoots and honor dances. Please consider joining our Hand Game Team(s) (hats designed by Firelake Designs) and begin working on your regalia for Saturday evening's dancing. I'm hoping to bead the moccasins I made at the Festival in time for next year's Grand Entry. Until then, bama pi nikanek / til later, friends --

Legislator Eva Marie Carney/Ojindiskwe