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Atlanta, Georgia, District #2 Meeting, June 2015

Our meeting and lunch held just outside Atlanta, in Norcross, Georgia, was warm, both temperature-wise (we were on a covered outdoor patio, with fans keeping things cool-ish) and people-wise (we laughed, shared stories, walked through a PowerPoint on Tribal history and the like, and enjoyed immensely the company and fresh baked garlic rolls and other fare Ippolito's served). Migwetch/thank you to all who attended. Honored persons included Don Allison (our wisest attendee) and (Super) Zachery and Tonya Imus (our youngest and farthest travelled attendees, respectively). We added a portable mic to the trove of equipment I'm using at the District #2 meetings and that allowed everyone to hear the fascinating reminiscences offered and the questions asked. I'd say it was one of the best meetings yet! Next year’s Georgia meeting likely will take place in Savannah. The photos here include meeting photos and some photos of wildlife and flora taken on a Sunday walk in Carrollton, Georgia, an hour and a half west of the meeting, near the home of my sister- and brother-in-law, Anne and Fred Richards, who hosted my husband (Anne's brother) Alan and me for the weekend and were a great help -- as was Alan -- with organizing and hosting.